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MonaLisa Touch Results

Increased confidence, a more positive outlook since living pain-free, the freedom of feeling comfortable during everyday activities, enjoyment of sex and intimacy – these are just a few of the benefits women around the world are reporting after MonaLisa Touch treatment.

Throughout the world, women have shared the MonaLisa Touch results they have experienced from this non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment.  Since it’s introduction in Australian in 2013, there have been well over 10,000 MonaLisa Touch treatment’s performed.  We have been seeing results from our patients since 2015.  Because MonaLisa Touch treatment addresses the issues that cause vaginal atrophy rather than simply working on the symptoms, many women report improvement after the first treatment with the full results achieved in typically three to four treatments.

While there is a mass of clinical data that has been presented world-wide demonstrating overwhelmingly positive MonaLisa Touch results, the common feedback from women who have had this treatment is that it is “life changing”.

MonaLisa Touch results are not just limited to the physical changes of more hydration and elasticity in the vagina.  Many patients also report their increased confidence, changes to their mental attitude when living pain-free, the freedom of feeling comfortable through every day activities, enjoyment of sex and intimacy, resuming activities without worry, and not having to use messy creams or lubricants.

Dr Flynn and Dr Claire Allanach can give you the best advice on how a Mona Lisa Touch treatment package could improve your quality of life.

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