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age and female fertility

Age and Female Fertility

Age and Female Fertility It’s a fact that women are having children later – and that’s understandable given the number of choices women have in all aspects of their life.

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I have no periods: Is it Polycystic ovaries? Polycystic ovaries are both the simplest and most difficult of my consultations. What is a normal monthly cycle? To understand polycystic ovaries

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Vasectomy reversal and infertility

The Vasectomy Reversal Question

Is Vasectomy Reversal The Answer for Infertility? When couples come to see me for infertility, it is not unusual that one of the contributing factors of them not becoming pregnant

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Fertility problems - how do I know

Fertility Problems

How do I know if I have fertility problems? There are many issues that can point to a woman possibly having fertility problems. To confirm the problems you will need

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Zika Virus transferred by mosquitos

Zika Virus

What is Zika Virus? There has been an increasing amount of media relating to the Zika Virus and the possible effects on pregnant women.  So, what is Zika virus and

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I’m Pregnant. Now What?

It’s Positive! You’re Pregnant! That first excitement of that line on the pregnancy test changing colour is now giving way to the question of “what now?” Your first step is

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