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A hormone-releasing IUD could be the answer if you are looking to prevent pregnancy for up to 5 years.  It can also be an effective treatment for heavy periods.

How does an IUD work?

I recommend a hormone-releasing IUD (intrauterine device)  that lasts up to five years. It is oestrogen free and works by delivering small amounts of progesterone locally into your uterus.  Because it releases hormones locally in the uterus at a slow rate, only small amounts enter your blood stream.  Placement of the IUD is non-surgical and it can be easily removed at any time. 

A hormone releasing IUD is effective management for:

Contraception:   An IUD is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy and can be used whether or not you have had a child.  It is an effective, low-maintenance option for long term contraception, with no daily pills to remember.  The IUD prevents pregnancy by thickening cervical mucus to prevent sperm from entering your uterus; inhibiting sperm from reaching or fertilising your egg; and thinning the lining of your uterus.  The IUD is easily removed it you want more children and has no long-term effect on fertility returning.

Heavy Period Management:  A progesterone releasing IUD is a most effective form of non-surgical treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding.  Heavy periods can be related to hormonal changes as women get older. It is common for women to experience changes such as heavy or long periods, or bleeding in between periods.  This can be due to hormone levels dropping.  Once physical conditions affecting the uterus have been ruled out an IUD can be used as an effective, easy solution.

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